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All the tools and information you need to be WeChat ready
Sally Berry’s WeChat class was just what I was hoping to find in order to better understand this incredible communications tool to Chinese markets. Thanks to her seminar, I can use WeChat to make friends and cultivate relationships in a professional yet very comfortable way. WeChat is essential in communicating to Chinese travel pros and Sally is an excellent guide to utilize this vital tool. Thank you Sally! 
Charlie Whinham, Lousiana Office of Tourism
7 Modules - The easiest way to learn WeChat
  •  7 Modules with everything you need to know to start communicating with WeChat. Feel comfortable reaching out to tour operators. Get responses!
  •  Module # 1 What is WeChat and why you need to know how to use it
  •  Module #2. WeChat basics. Set up your account and start connecting
  •  Module #3 Start connecting- learn how to connect with tour operators who want to bring you business
  •  Module #4 WeChat tips and tricks. 
  •  Module #5 Get ready for Trade shows and sales calls
  •  Module #6 What is WeChat pay? How it works and why you need to learn about it
  •  Module #7 Personal accounts vs. Official accounts. Which do you need and where to find help with Official accounts
  •  Bonuses! A 30 day plan, WeChat checklist and more

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